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Fire Retardant Coverall manufacturers in India

Yashash International prides itself highly on strict quality control of its safety products. Additionally, with an industrial experience of more than 20 years, Yashash International leaves nothing to compromise when it comes to occupational hazards.

Industrial coverall suits are an integral part of many industrial and factory workplaces. It is there to provide personal protection to every worker against safety hazards in an industrial work setting.

Fire retardant coveralls are usually made of fabrics and materials extremely resistant to heat, chemicals, electricity, and mechanical threats to protect its user from workplace hazards.

There are many variations of fire retardant coveralls come in:

  • Safety Coveralls: It protects the wearer against sharp & heavy object impacts.
  • Fire Retardant Coveralls: It protects workers from damage and risk against very high temperatures. 
  • Reflective Coveralls: Makes working in dark industrial environments or low-light situations easier and safer.
  • Anti-Static Coveralls: It is used to dispel any unwanted static charge that could damage electronics.
  • Disposable Coveralls: These coveralls are often used in industrial places where there are biohazards. It protects the workers from exposure to harmful microbes.

Every manufacturing plant and industrial site must invest in the safety of their employees by choosing the best fire retardant coveralls in India made by Yashash International.

Why is Yashash International the best fire retardant coverall manufacturer in India?

Well-known for high-quality standards, Yashash International focuses heavily on research & development, materials selection & quality testing to ensure every individual safety coveralls that leaves their plant is an effective one.

They ensure that all fabrics & materials used for manufacturing safety coveralls are taken by verified & quality-trusted vendors only.  Additionally, quality-control checks are conducted in every stage of manufacturing, finishing, export as well as retail stages.

With Yashash International’s safety coveralls, clients can avail customisation of them including logo printing, colours, styles and more. With the best facilities to create the best fire retardant coveralls in India, all workers safety can be ensured.

There are several great benefits to choosing fire retardants coveralls for workplace safety:

• Resistant to catching on fire

• Maintains structural integrity in high temperatures

• Insulates the wearer from the heat

• Won’t continue burning if the heat source is removed

With Yashash International, all workplace safety hazards are avoided with the best fire retardant coveralls manufacturer in India.

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